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RPG Maker is a series of game creation utilities focused on creating RPGs. Developed by ASCII and released in North America by Enterbrain, RPG Maker can create not only turn-based JRPGs, but also Action-RPG's and some kinds of platform games. RPG Maker has a scripting system for expanded functionality.

Version List

  • RPG Maker '95, the first of the RPG Maker PC series.
  • RPG Maker 2000 (RM2K)
  • RPG Maker 2003 (RM2K3), the predecessor to RPG Maker XP. It is basically the same thing as RPG Maker 2000 but it has the added feature of showing party members during battle.
  • RPG Maker XP (RMXP), which introduced advance scripting.
  • RPG Maker VX (RMVX), which had a simpler interface and more "pre-programmed" scripts, allowing that the users create their games easier.
  • RPG Maker 3D, the only RPG Maker on the PC that was never released outside of Japan. It includes 3D graphics.
  • RPG Maker Console series, there were also console versions of RPG Maker. Some came out only in Japan, others were also released in the USA.
  • Action Game Maker (AGM), which wasn't based on RPG Maker at all. It was inspired by Game Maker, but the idea wasn't enough to start a whole new product.

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