ITF we are muscular trapeze artists

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Screenshot of the Forum

ITF we are muscular trapeze artists was a subforum created on August 18, 2006. Although it was made the night before, it was re-opened to hold a topic on Sui-chan (a person announcing they would commit hari-kari at midnight, August 19th). A few people considered it to be the "best" event on MFGG.

Changes made

  • Forum skin replaced by Halloween colors with Doomship Gloom images.
  • Background replaced by seizure-inducing animated gif of a muscular trapeze arist.
  • "Nightwish - Ghost Love Score" embedded.
  • Two large images of Batman marquee in opposite directions in the middle of a page, causing them to merge together.
  • Every second, the letter A briefly appears.
  • The background of quotes is replaced by an animated gif of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • The title of every page has ": The Movie" added to the end.
  • Quick links letters expanded.