Paper Mario World 2

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Paper Mario World 2
Developer(s) GeneralGuy
Announce Date October 22nd, 2006
Release Date November 10th, 2006
Genre Platform/Action
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium The Games Factory
Platform Windows
Status Released

Paper Mario World 2 is considered one of the worst Mario fangames ever created. Level-wise, it follows the design of the original game, Paper Mario World. However, the visuals unintentionally contradict the severe graphic clashing of the first, and touching an enemy just once ultimately results in the game resetting itself.

The Offical Sequel

After releasing Paper Mario World, Superadammario decided it was time to move on to a sequel called Paper Mario World 2. This new game featured a new character line-up, such as Mario, Link, Sonic, Kirby and Yoshi. It began development, and got to a point where a demo was given to Yoshiman, which had about five levels. Unfortunately, the days went on, and Superadammario slowly faded away from the fangame community and ultimately discontinued production on Paper Mario World 2.

There were only a few that knew about it's sequel, and it never reached beyond that, once Superadammario left MFGG. Later on, much later on, near the end of 2005, Yoshiman found Superadammario on MSN, and began communicating, and received his permission to post the demo of the sequel.

After doing so, people fond of the original wanted to recreate a Paper Mario World 2. There were various attempts at doing so, but due to low hype, was canned there-after. A noteable remake of the sequel was started conceptually by a joint cooperation between Superadammario and Kaepora, whom both who discussed their ideas on MSN. They both soon decided, due to vocal criticsm of the idea, that a sequel is not the best of ideas, and that a spinoff was a better way to go. Due to lack of interest on Kaepora's part, the project was cancelled.

Eventually, a completed fangame known as Paper Mario World 2 was developed by GeneralGuy, which now resides on the MFGG Main Site. However, it should be noted that this game is not considered a true sequel to Paper Mario World, due to the fact that it bears absolutely nothing in common with Paper Mario World by Superadammario, aside from the game's title.

GeneralGuy's Sequel

On October 22nd, 2006, an unofficial version of Paper Mario World 2 was announced and released by GeneralGuy on the MFGG Forums in the Fangame Discussion, and was submitted to the MFGG Main Site later that same day. It was released on the MFGG Main Site on November 10th, 2006.

The Story

After Mario defeated the Shadow Queen, Grodus lost control of the X-Nauts. They left for GlitzVille, while he remained at the moon base. Tubba Blubba's heart(from paper mario) had recovered at that particular time and went to discuss Grubba's plan about becoming unbeatable. When he finally got to the town, Grubba had disappeared. With anger, he took regained control of the X-Nauts to continue the dark plot. First, he took over the Mushroom Kingdom and then kidnapped Princess Peach. You set out to find her with Luigi and Koopa explorer.


There are nine levels (three boss levels) in the entire game. The engine was created by GeneralGuy, however, it used the basic platform movement and lacked originality. Mario is forced to attack solely with a hammer in order to defeat the various enemies found throughout the game. Upon contact with an enemy, the game automatically restarts. This aspect is very similar to that of Super Mario Pandemonium. The only area of this game that is creative and unique are the boss battles themselves, which use the hammer.


  • Paper Mario World 2 is often considered one of the worst games of 2006 and ranks among the top worst games in MFGG fangaming history, along with Dodge the Shyguys, Super Mario Pandemonium, and of course, the original Paper Mario World.
  • The storyline is completely foreign, in terms of being a sequel.
  • There are numerous cheats and glitches to bypass the extreme difficulty, including the obvious password system (Which, in fact, is the very same one from Dodge The Shy Guys 2).

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