Paper Mario World

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Paper Mario World
Developer(s) superadammario, Yoshiman
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date September 27th, 2003
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium The Games Factory, Multimedia Fusion
Platform Windows
Status Released

Paper Mario World is a fangame created by superdammario. It is often considered one of the worst Mario fangames ever made. Levels were haphazardly assembled, graphics clashed and were poorly resized. On July 29th, 2005, "Paper Mario World Gold" was attempted and released by Yoshiman in hopes of increasing its quality. As well, Yoshiman provided voiceovers in between chapters. Paper Mario World Gold neglected its "gold" name, and is the version that everyone knows as just "Paper Mario World".


This game is arguably the most terribly-received game on MFGG. It has thirty one reviews on its mainsite page, giving it an average of 2.2. One review did give it a score of 10 and stating it is superior to Toad Strikes Back, Super Mario Stardust, and Super Mario Epic 2. Surprisingly, most comments on its page support the review.


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