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Not to be confused with Fangame.

Fangaming is the field of study and work in fangames and all related materials, including sprites, tilesets, models, engines, music, etc.


There is no such thing as a fangaming community.

The view of fangaming, and the respect held for it, varies wildly between communities, and it is generally never the focus of a message board or area of discussion; boards that attempt to stress such a focus often consist of distant members who do not form a true social structure. As such, fangaming generally exists as a factor of the existing community, similar to culinary culture in real-world communities.

Due to the general ease of creating a fangame, what with many of the resources used being rips, the entire fangaming ideal is often downplayed not only for the legal græy area it enters as a direct result, but also due to the occasional (and sometimes common) poor quality displayed due to the ease of access.

Fields of Fangaming


Main article: Engine

Engines are the primary coding which allow a fangame to actually do something. Generally, fangames are said to consist of several engines, where each is dedicated to a particular aspect of the game -- exactly how different these aspects must be to consistute a separate engine is often to the discretion of the programmer.

Engines are by far the most respected and awe-inspiring in fangaming


Graphics are generally entirely two-dimensional, but three-dimensional fangames are not unheard of.

Two-dimensional graphics are generally separated into sprites and tilesets, while three-dimensional objects are often models, particles and textures -- rigging and animation is not always included by the modeler.

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