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Aliases: tubbablubba2001, Kaepora Revolution, Kaepora Ocelot, Popple, Taisa Kaepora, Giyg Strikes Back!, Mr. E, Kaep Leppard
Real name: Unknown
Interests: Queen, classic rock, Nintendo
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Kaepora is most well-known for his fangames that he develops with his fellow pack animals, Someguy and Cloakbass; some of these titles include Super Mario Melatonin, Super Mario Land 4 and the infamous Thingio - a game that has caused a big uproar on the mainsite and forums, an uproar that could be equally compared to the LA Riots in terms of how large scale a conflict it was. Captain Jeff Silvers is said to have been so enraged by the game that he tracked down Kaepora's old mentor, Miguelangel Baskervill Margueritta IV, tore open his flesh with none other than his fingernails, and devoured all of his dorsal muscles.

Currently Kaepora is on hiatus in Lithuania studying metaphysico-theolog-cosmolo-nigology with his good friends CloakBass, Someguy, Klobber, and Les Claypool. At night they write songs along the Curonian Spit sand peninsula. He believes that time away from the forums and its shenanigans will be healthy for him because of things like school, and since he is sometimes a negative contributor to the forums, a good thing for the community in general as well.

Anything written subsequent to this was added by Mugenmidget and approved by the FDA and Kaepora.

People's Thoughts on Kaepora

  • "I know that you and [Mugen] are basically bed buddies." ~ShadowMan on Kaepora's sexual behavior
  • "We [...] [are] [...] no[t]!" ~Mugenmidget denying the obvious.
  • "[He's] like a hadoken, down right fierce!" ~CloakBass making puns.
  • "He's kinda like 'PK Lite'. Not nearly as bad, of course, but I get the feeling he'd be prone to just permaban people rather than actually deal with them." ~Captain Jeff Silvers ripping on Parakarry and talking about Kaepora as a moderator.
  • "Dude, if it weren't for me, you wouldn't be here. Euh... not that I care. I HAVE A LIFE REALLY" talkingmushrooms reminiscing, shortly before shooting herself in the face