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The Team Wars started with a topic created by Ryo called, "MFGG Heroes", which was originally supposed to be a spoof of the Sega game, "Sonic Heroes". The main purpose of this was to form a group with your friends, and assign them to each "job" in the game, which were Flying, Speed, and Power. After a while the popularity of this dimmed down, and wasn't really considered one of the big team wars.

The First Team War

The idea of teams began again in 2004, where The Ultimate Team and Team Wut were formed. It lasted for several weeks before members lost interest, and the 'war' was considered as another fad.

The Second Team War

In 2005, a topic on the Pointless Post Palace inspired the team wars to kick off again, this time bigger and badder than ever. The Ultimate Team and Team Wut were back, along with several additions that occurred later on, including Team Fire Flower. The Ultimate team, however, started acquiring members for the Ultimate Army, meaning that it quickly became stronger than the other teams. This caused many small teams to merge, as well as many members 'switching sides'. It became out of control, resulting in flame wars and 'attacks', until the admins stopped it altogether with a sticky topic and threats to ban those in favor of the flame wars.

The Third Team War

Due to the newly released Star Wars movie, two sides where created between members, "The Dark Side" and "The Awesome Side". Unlike the other wars, the third team war didn't include the 'teams', but rather 'sides'.

The Dark Side was founded by Boo Mansion and Darkz, and they claimed the names Darth Booton and Darth Darkz, respectively. This did not comply with the general pattern of all Darth titles except for Darth Maul's consisting of words with the prefix "in" removed. The Awesome Side was founded by Kitsune Yamato as a joke to parody the Jedis. Eventually, The Awesome Side's forces reached staggering numbers and completely shadowed those of The Dark Side. Additionally, potential members of The Awesome Side attempted a coup on it, leading to a dramatic crumbling of the entire regulatory infrastructure. The Dark Side quite unexpectedly collapsed in great haste, and The Awesome Side followed suit promptly.

ShadowMan demanded the lot of them be stopped, and so ended the third war.

The Fourth Team War

Taking place on August 1st, 2007, another team "war" began, this time mainly made up of MFGGers who had not been around at the time of the earlier wars. Also, unlike the other wars there are more teams created, each one with usually about 5 members. Things were generally quiet unlike the last ones. The participating teams were the Pinstriped Singing Barbers, Team Heart Attack, Team Overkill, Team Genesis, Team T.E.A.M, and Team Shortstop.

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