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An MFGGer (or a Mario Fan Games Galaxy member) is a person that is a member of Mario Fan Games Galaxy (though it usually refers specifically to active members). The term, however, is technically grammatically incorrect; it literally means Mario Fan Games Galaxyer. The more correct term would be MFGer (Mario Fan Gamer), something that was suggested long ago on the Ezboard forums, but the term MFGGer is generally considered catchier and easier to remember, and has thus stuck around since the beginning of MFGG.

Member Type

Regular Members

Ordinary MFGGers are able to post normally without any restrictions, however they cannot view secret forums such as Forum 12, Forum 27 or Forum 29. They also cannot access the "Casual" forums (CCC and General Friendliness). They lack privileges such as locking (but they can pre-lock a poll before posting it) unlocking topics, banning members, and are confined to a post flood limit. This type, by far, comprises most of the MFGG memberbase.

Casual Members

Ordinary active members are quickly upgraded to Casual Member status after 250 posts are made and a Happy Heart Badge is obtained. Casual Members are able to post in the Casual Conversation Castle and General Friendliness forums. Casual Members were abolished in June 12th, 2009, in favor of a Trial Member system.

The system is no longer used in MFGG 3.0.

Muted members

Muted members are the ones who are banned from making comments on the main site, but can still submit submissions.

Banned members

Banned members are the ones who have been either temporarily banned (banned for a certain amount of time), or permanently and indefinitely banned, or permabanned, from MFGG. Banned members usually include trolls, rule-breakers, and spambots.

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