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The Banned from PPP user group is, as the name suggests, a group where members are not able to view the Pointless Post Palace; usually in response to excessive flooding or spamming in the board. Posting rights are the same as ordinary members otherwise.

The only known member of this category was GeneralGuy. On October 15th, 2007, GeneralGuy placed html code into his signature that would embed the Numa Numa song into every topic he had posted in, including topics in the General Chat. This lasted for approximately 20 minutes before Joey and many other members took notice.

As the PPP no longer exists, this group has been deprecated. Arguably, during the CCC era, some members fell into a "Banned from CCC" group when they do not have access to that board, though this is just a "virtual" group as did not actually exist. No such group or permission existed for The Lounge.

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