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Thunder Dragon

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Thunder Dragon's Reference and Main Site Staff Avatar, drawn by Stixdude.
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Robot dragon monsters
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Thunder Dragon, known colloquially as TD, is the founder of Bowser Technologies, which later evolved into
Mario Fan Games Galaxy.

He gives the image of a very casual overlord, lazy and laidback. Thunder Dragon is known to dislike the concept of gender identity, and prefers to be referred to as gender-neutral.

He remains a figure of legend, dropping by only occasionally to give various insights, often mesmerizing MFGGers.

Character specification

Thunder Dragon in his original incarnation can best be described as "Magma Dragoon from Mega Man X4, but green and silver instead of red and chrome." (He was basically a Magma Dragoon recolor.) He used to employ a beam sword, but now wields a halberd.

Thunder Dragon allows for his avatar character to be portrayed at the artist's discretion, provided that it is recognizable as the original character. It is not unreasonable to assume that he later adopted certain aspects of these interpretations into his standard character, differentiating himself from his original Magma Dragoon basis.

There is rumored to be a large golden statue of the character hiding within a cloud castle of shining diamond. Only FanGuy has been known to touch the statue and survive.

Member history

In the late 1990's, Thunder Dragon created Bowser Technologies, inspired primarily by Biebersoft and DistantJ's FreakZone, and willfully refusing to use the ... Fan Games HQ name. In this stage, Bowser Technologies was a personal site containing fangames such as Wario's Revenge, MarioQuest, and Bowser Blast!, which were comparably good with the quality at the time.

Although Thunder Dragon's personal life eventually prevented him from regularly updating his site, traffic remained quite steady until, according to the only witnesses around, Bowser Technologies magically turned into Mario Fan Games Galaxy on July 9th, 2001 after he moved the forums from the malfunctioning Bowser Technologies site.

Mario Fan Games ... Central?

The webmaster of a similar site to MFGG, Mario Fan Games Central, accused Thunder Dragon of blatantly copying the idea of his site. Although this was an understandable conclusion, as the sites maintained similar concepts and the acronym "MFGG" looked similar to "MFGC", Thunder Dragon denied such claims, maintaining that it would be closer to copying Sonic Fan Games Headquarters.

This mysterious webmaster then gathered his flunkies and began harassing Thunder Dragon, including replacing the MFGC main page news message with death threats. Similar messages were also posted all over both forums.

Thunder Dragon then showed an incredible display of character that he has maintained to this day: he politely contacted the webmaster directly and explained the entire situation. This granted him a sincere apology from the webmaster and his silly friends and MFGG never had problems from MFGC again.

Fading into History

After his pivotal role in starting up MFGG, Thunder Dragon just ... started posting less, due to his personal life.

He now almost never appears, leading him to be comparable to Jesus.

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