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Bowser Technologies was the website prior to Mario Fan Games Galaxy. While its main focus wasn't intent on Mario fangames, a good majority of the site did indeed have resources of Mario fangame items, including the ever-so-famous Mario Quest series Thunder Dragon created. The site also included other assortments of fangame items, including Sonic, Megaman, and even Doom. The site's forum was not so much a forum, as to an actual guestbook in which people would communicate through the comments area. Following this, an EZBoard was created for Bowser Technologies. Bowser Technologies was deemed a "general fangame site with more Mario stuff."

However, updates in both the site and forum were rare. Updates of new items for the site came once every three months. The forums received one new post or reply once a month. The site received traffic, and lots of it. Unfortunately, Thunder Dragon was keeping hold of the site in his recreational time, and a "general fangame site" was not a good stronghold for that time.

In July of 2001, the EZBoards were changed to Mario Fan Games Galaxy, and no longer linked to the old Bowser Tech URL, but instead to a new URL, Mario Fan Games Galaxy, which was hosted on

While MFGG refined and specified Thunder Dragon's website from varying game franchises to just the Mario franchise, many people still remember the other sprites used there, and as well the games that were released during that era.

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