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Developer(s) Thunder Dragon
Announce Date 1998
Release Date 1998
Genre Action Adventure
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Click and Create
Platform Windows
Status Completed

MarioQuest, not to be confused with Super Mario Quest by FreakZone, was the second game to be completed by Thunder Dragon, and is one of the three original Bowser Tech fangames alongside Wario's Revenge and Bowser Blast. While created in 1998, MarioQuest didn't appear online until about two years later with the launch of the Bowser Tech website. At the time of its release, MarioQuest was considered to be one of the best fangames available, though by today's standards, it is often considered to be a shallow, lackluster, and overly frustrating experience. However, it is fondly remembered among a portion of the MFGG oldbies.


MarioQuest is a top-view action-adventure game, a la The Legend of Zelda. The gameplay is generally repetitive in nature - Mario moves around the map in four directions, and can shoot fireballs to defeat enemies. Occasionally he will encounter bosses, which bounce around the playfield aimlessly, firing projectiles which, are usually completely irrelevant to the boss character's actual powers (for example, Knuckles the Echidna wields the BFG-9000 from Doom). Also, in two stages, Mario drives a car known as the "MarioKar" (a play on "Mario Kart") which can effortlessly run over Goombas, and ultimately, be used to win a race against Metal Sonic, which is noted as being the single most frustrating segment of the game. Other frustrating elements include the ridiculous amounts of enemies in later stages, and a rare yet aggravating glitch which occasionally causes enemies to become invincible.


The game's storyline, which parodies Super Mario RPG, is told through poorly scripted, yet delightfully absurd dialogue scenes. The plot focuses on Mario's quest to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog.


Click of Death

In Sonic's Castle and the 5th segment of Mobius, enemies can be defeated simply by clicking on them with the mouse pointer.

Secret Level

After defeating Smithy, Mario can reach a secret level by destroying a cracked section of the northern wall during the "escape" sequence.

Interesting to note, this level was not present in the original 1998 release of MarioQuest. That's because it was taken straight from an early beta of MarioQuest 2, and was added exclusively for the launch of the Bowser Tech website.

A slightly revamped version of the level (and its boss) appeared in the final version of MarioQuest 2 as "Sonic's Sky Stronghold."


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