Toad Strikes Back

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Toad Strikes Back
Thumb toadstrikesback.gif
Developer(s) Thunder Dragon
Announce Date 2003
Release Date October 29th, 2007
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Multimedia Fusion
Platform Windows
Status Released

Toad Strikes Back is an extremely successful fangame by Thunder Dragon released for NCFC 2007, in a booth modeled off of that of Bowser Technologies' old site, making Toad Strikes Back the first Bowser Technologies update in over six years. Seven years later, a sequel, which is known as Toadette Strikes, was released.

The first demo was released to the public on MFGG, while the second was available only in the FreakZone Games forum and referenced several other games such as Super Mario Alpha.


TSB fits the player into the shoes of Toad and sends him through over 50 unique levels to stop the resurrection of King Koopa (Bowser), who died several hundred years earlier along with the rest of the primary Mario cast.

Fortunately, Toad is able to perform most of Mario's old maneuvers, such as stomping, uprooting vegetables or picking up enemies, hurling fireballs, riding Yoshi, and even using the legendary hero's hammer.

Prism Rock (demo v.4)


Toad Strikes Back was met with reviews of mostly 9s and 10s, with an average score of 9.8. It is one of the highest rated games on MFGG, beating Mario: Pipe Network by .1. The game won 9 awards for the 2007 MFGG Awards: Best Game, Best Sprites, Best Level Design, Most Polished, Most Original Gameplay, Most Replay Value, Best Secrets, Best Setting and Best Use of Site Resources. This also means that Toad Strikes Back has the most awards of any MFGG fangame.


Download Toad Strikes Back from MFGG's main site

File Size: 10.17MB
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