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Aliases: Sambo9000, FreakZone
Real name: Sam Beddoes
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DistantJ, formerly Sambo9000, is the founder of FZ Games, formerly FreakZone.

Fan Gaming History

After obtaining Clickteam's The Games Factory in 1997 and learning to use it, Sam created many basic games as a hobby, including a couple of Mario games like the 2 player fighter Mario and Sonic. After getting access to the internet, he found Biebersoft, the first site to ever offer Super Mario fan games (or "spoofs", as Biebersoft would call them). This inspired him to improve Mario and Sonic and create his own website, "FreakZone", which would become the first website to take fan gaming seriously rather than create spoofs filled with crude humour.

FreakZone became very popular, and in turn inspired many others to track down The Games Factory and create their own fan games and websites. Amongst these people was Thunder Dragon, who went on to create MFGG.

When Jordan Bieber of Biebersoft decided to move onto creating entirely original games, he entrusted all of his fan games to FreakZone, suggesting that they update and host the games, having made whatever alterations they wish to make. FreakZone gained the title "BS FreakZone".

After a few years of glory, BS FreakZone eventually caved in to immaturity and vandalism which began to plague the free-for-all message board, and went down, only to return months later with more secure message boards. However, the damage was done, and BS FreakZone's game production and forums grinded to a halt. Years after it's death, it has now made a return, under the new title of FZ Games.

Recently, FreakZone introduced Super AWESOME Land, a Mario inspired game made for mobile devices (Available on iTunes). FreakZone planned to release a PC copy version of it as well.


DistantJ is also an electronic musician, responsible for a few popular videogame remixes as well as original dance music. The song Cryptic Marble was released on OverClocked ReMix'.