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Aliases: TFGD, Claredeth, Fuzzy
Interests: Spriting
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TouchFuzzyGetDizzy is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on May 6th, 2006.

Not much is known about this member, but he makes countless request topics, and makes poor-quality sprites, in "Yoshi-Island style," as he puts it. His character is a red and blue Classical Fuzzy with a headband.


TouchFuzzy was usually suspended for racist or offensive comments, such as listed below:

  • TouchFuzzy apparently holds a biased dislike towards the obese. A topic was started by him, offering to draw the first ten people who drew him; Sergeant Jinpen drew him being extremely fat, and a scathing reply followed about how it appeared to be a poor edit. He also posted a new topic: "Jinpen likes drawing fat people." He was banned for one day for this behavior.
  • CuteYoshiGirl made a "Leaving" topic, and TFGD made a comment that she isn't needed on the forums
  • Was a prick to Kitsune Yamato for not inflating his ego.
  • After being banned from the forum for weeks at a time for racist comments such as "mexicorns" and "spics", he set up a site claiming responsibility for five particularly popular Mario fangames. This theft earned him a permanent ban from the main site.
  • Immediately upon his forum return, he posted several rant threads about Mechant, carrying on excessively. The admins permanently banned him from the forums, because he continued to cause trouble immediately after his return. However, on September 26th, 2006, it was confirmed Sergeant Jinpen managed to hack TFGD's MFGG Forums account when making the callout topics, deeming TFGD innocent. However, TFGD was never unbanned, and was even banned from the MFGG Wiki. TFGD is the first person to be banned from the Main Site, the Forums, and the MFGG Wiki altogether.


On December 7th, 2006, TFGD came back, this time much more sensible and proper. He instantly got back to being part of the community, even making a sprite request topic with proper sprites.

TFGD hasn't been very active in recent times, but he was the first member to re-register for the new phpBB forums after The Split.