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The Community Fangame Project is a collaboration of MFGG forum members to create a fangame together, having occurred twice in MFGG history.

The Original

The original CFP was a side-scrolling platformer, as proposed by and under the supervision of DJ Yoshiman. It was an officially sanctioned community project, and thus had two sub-forums in the Fangame Discussion. At the time, Yoshiman declared affirmatively that he had no plans for a second collaboration.

It was decided early on to create the game in two different versions, with two separate teams; one made in Klik software and one in Game Maker, due to the popularity of both products. This decision primarily effected programmers, however, and those skilled in other media may develop on either team, or even on both. Eventually, the team realized that it would be more efficient to make the game in only one programming environment, and since Game Maker has become the most popular development tool on MFGG, the team chose GM 7.

Core development of the game began on January 5, 2008. As the game grew more complicated and the style more standardized, the game became less of a community project. Development as a community project was officially ceased sometime in 2010 or 2011. Private development continued from scratch with Guinea and Chaoxys at the helm, with the game dubbed Mushroom Patrol: Midas Machine. It is now entering its final stages.

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The Revival

In May 2017, a new Community Fangame Project was born. This game is also officially sanctioned, sans subform, but saw a large initial surge in interest. Development is mainly handled in the Discord server, with Mit elected as General Director, and DragonDePlatino, Mors, and Vimimin as subdirectors. The project's premise is to be a spiritual successor to classic MFGG game Super Mario War. A Google design doc, Github page and Trello board have subsequently been created to aid in development. Progress in art has been extensive, but in programming has been slow. Development has recently slowed to a crawl, perhaps due to the creation of the Minus Galaxy ROM Hack, which overlaps significantly in contributors.


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