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The Spriter's Resource (TSR) is a website devoted to spriting. Although most of it's content is mainly rips from games, it also accomodates custom sprites and Pixel art. Apart from the "pixel art", tSR is very similar to MFGG, although rather than being based around Mario, it is based on games in general. TSR is one of MFGG's site affiliates.

The Spriter's Resource has had many changes in it's lifetime. For a long period of time it was hosted by Bacon, who gave it to BadAssBill (Brother of Omega Koopa) who changed the layout and made it so that tSR could accept any type of sprite (Rather than just Nintendo, Sega, Capcom and Square sprites). BAB eventually passed it onto Dazz, as he had no time for tSR because of real-life issues, and has remained with Dazz ever since.

tSR had been unsuccessful in the past couple of years due to long periods of downtime and very little content being uploaded. This was mainly due to the layout being changed to a more accesable format, but little or no work being done. At that point, some seemed rather disappointed at the site after Bacon left the management, and some started to submit their sprites elsewhere. Dazz, the head admin, brought tSR back to reputable stature and it is currently the most active spriting resource on the internet. Under Dazz, tSR has undergone several updates, each improving the forum and the website simultaneously.

tSR was recently updated and expanded into several different sites, each hosting video game resources. Dexy, an administrator at MFGG, is also an administrator at the Spriter's Resource, and hopes to tie up loose ends between both forum's rivalry-like relationship.

Like MFGG, tSR has appeared in the media along with The Shy Guy Kingdom. Decals for MKDS created by spriters at both communites have appeared in several magazines, along with the sites themselves.

tSR's 'official' forum used to be Pixeltendo (which is now defunct), but now it hosts its own.

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