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Julio Cesar F

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Aliases: JCF, Julio, Julio Scarf (by MTC), Julio Caesar salad
Real name: Julio César Fernández Merino
Interests: Being awesome, DY's E-fed and Boss Battles, Music, Video Gaming with his 360
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Brief Bio of Julio Cesar Fernandez: The person

Julio Cesar F, as many people in MFGG know him, was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on July 30th, 1991. He was born a little 0-year-old baby, with a soft button nose and a cute head. He was wiggly, and he liked breathing air. He was really, really cute and had a pretty mom with black hair and a big dad with glasses and a motorcycle.

Julio started eating and growing and breathing more. Eventually he started preschool, and the teachers thought Julio was way too smart so they put him in a higher grade. He then started Elementary School and began studying hard so he could finally graduate from the Elementary School and advance to Middle School. He reached Middle School, where he kept working hard, until he got to High School. He met his first love in there. She was so cute and liked the things Julio liked to do, like listening to music and playing video games. They fell in love and started dating. Until, one night, Julio kissed her, starting a beauuuutiful relationship with that girl.

Nowadays, Julio is a full-grown teenager. He's in college and he wants to finish it so he can pursue a career is engineering.

Julio likes Classic Rock, Metal, Ska and Punk. He also likes to play with his 360. Julio has a band called "noname". He plays the drums in said band. He also like to draw, as he is the band's artist.

Julio lives in Venezuela. He speaks Spanish and hates his government.

He is also a pirate.

Brief Bio of Julio Cesar F: The MFGGer

JCF joined MFGG back on September of 06. He started as a nobody. JCF found amusement with Jeff Silvers' Wrestling E-fed, where he spent most of his time. After the PPP closed down and the E-fed was no more, he decided to let MFGG who he was, so he started posting actively. Eventually, people got to know him more, and he made cool friends, like Bill and Robby. He also stayed in touch with his old friends from the E-fed, like Suigi, Press Start and Dark Yoshi.

Nowadays, Julio goes to MFGG, where he is a pretty cool guy. People love him. He doesn't like noobs and people who are retarded. He doesn't post as much now, but his World Cup topic earned a lot of positive attention in 2010.