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A drawing of Twistendo by ~Smoke~.
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Aliases: Twist, Twistendo, Twistelgänger
Interests: News, Game reviewing, Storylines
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Twistendo joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on October 9th, 2007, and has recently spent his time posting around the Casual Conversation Castle and sometimes in the General Chat and/or General Friendliness.


Twistendo is generally called a good member, but not right in the head. He is one of the odd people in MFGG. His attitude is usually odd-balled and far-fetched. People may hate him because of his general weirdness, but he ignores the hatred of others and still continue his life today. His hobbies include video games, model building, soccer, news, and occasionally, cooking.


His character is based on his old name, Twistendo. When he joined MFGG, he had a character which was plainly a upside down triangle which was a "tornado" and two small triangles as hands. He didn't like it, so he made a topic about it in the Help file, trying to find a new reference. ~Smoke~ created his new character, which was based on his name, but it was better than his old one. It resembled a ghost. It had a "ghostly" flaming head, two hands, and a swirl (like a tornado) for legs.

Twistendo's "Weird" News Posting Streak

On May 14th, 2008, Twistendo started posting odd and weird news once a day, everyday after he gained a newfound liking to news. Although, it wasn't encouraged by most people, but Twistendo still kept posting the news. Twistendo stopped posting news on May 24, 2009, with 338 news articles.


  • Twistendo character looks like a ghost, but its actually a tornado formed to look like a ghost.
  • Twistendo previous reference was a plain tornado with eyes.
  • Twistendo has requested more than 100 sprites/drawings.
  • Twistendo's alternative name, Twistelgänger, comes from the German word, Doppelgänger, which refers "any double or look-alike of a person."
  • Twistendo asked MONEYMAN for his name change because he did not like the name Twistlgänger that he changed it too. MONEYMAN accepted.