Blargg's Bubble Bonanza

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Blargg's Bubble Bonanza
Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date April 24, 2010
Release Date May 3, 2010
Genre Minigame
Players 1
Input Mouse
Medium Game Maker 8
Platform Windows
Status Complete

Blargg's Bubble Bonanza was VinnyVideo's entry for Minigame Competition #56, which had a theme of "Dragons, Bubbles, and Caves". In it, players control a Blargg who spits bubbles to capture the various MFGG forum members who appear throughout the level.



Opinions on Blargg's Bubble Bonanza have ranged very sharply. Most reviewers seem to have either hated it, saying it was sloppy and boring, or else loved it. The current average review is 3.0.


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