Bibby RPG Engine

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Bibby RPG Engine
Bibby rpg engine.PNG
Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date June 15, 2011
Release Date December 29, 2014
Genre RPG Engine
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker 8
Platform Windows
Status Released

The Bibby RPG Engine is an open-source RPG engine made by VinnyVideo. All coding is by VinnyVideo, although Miaxis and Miles provided some help tackling hard-to-squash GM bugs. Vinny shelved the project for a couple of years but resumed working on it in August 2014 when he wanted to start making serious progress on Career Fantasy, an RPG which uses this engine.

Vinny decided to make an RPG engine after experimenting with the multitude of Game Maker RPG engines available on MFGG and the Game Maker Community. These RPG engines offered limited functionality and confusing design. Vinny decided to make an engine that includes all of the features seen in standard turn-based JRPGs, while keeping it easy to customize.

The engine includes a minimal amount of graphics and sounds. This helps prevent the engine from being used to produce generic "engine clones" and makes it easier for developers to use this game for a variety of projects, including indie games. The engine has very low system requirements, making it usable even on computers that are not very powerful. It is fully compatible with Game Maker 8 and is partially compatible with Game Maker Studio and ENIGMA.

The Bibby RPG Engine was nominated for Best Engine at the 2014 iteration of MFGG Awards.


  • Overworld movement
  • Turn-based battles
  • Built-in support for up to four playable characters and enemy parties of four
  • Support for both random battles and battles triggered when you step on a certain spot
  • Townspeople who say talky things
  • Money for buying goodies
  • A timer to record how long you play the game
  • Pointers (objects that move you to different areas)
  • Treasure chests that can be opened only once
  • A pause screen to view player stats
  • Items (which work in battles and on the pause screen)
  • Equippable items
  • Special attacks
  • Healing from both within battles and on the pause screen
  • Plenty of documentation in plain English


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