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Developer(s) RetroX
Announce Date October 29, 2008
Release Date Not Released
Genre Engine
Players 1 Player
Input Standard Keyboard
Platform Windows
Status Beta
 Yellow!box.gif This article is about a fangame that has entered a state of hiatus.

Development of this game has paused for an extended period of time.

PIPEMAN GAMMA is a Mario platformer engine created by RetroX. PIPEMAN GAMMA is an acronym that stands for "PIxel PErfect MArio eNgine for GAMe MAker."


PIPEMAN GAMMA is an engine currently being created by RetroX as a way to "teach" users how to make their own fangames as opposed to taking existing engines and using them with little or no change to the engine. PIPEMAN GAMMA was originally designed for Game Maker, however, it is going to be recreated in ENIGMA. It will retain backwards compatibility with Game Maker 7, though.

Other Info

PIPEMAN GAMMA has currently paused development due to the fact that it is planned to be recreated for ENIGMA and will not be started until a few more functions are implemented, such as sounds. It is currently unknown if the development on the engine will continue, since RetroX hasn't been seen anywhere on the internet for quite a long time.

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