Supernova Mario Bros 2 Engine

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Supernova Mario Bros 2 Engine
Developer(s) Supernova
Announce Date Dec 01, 2012
Release Date Mar 09, 2013
Genre Engine
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status completed

Supernova Mario Bros 2 Engine is supernova's 4th open source Mario engine (codename: Carrot) based on Super Mario Bros 2. Unlike Hello's SMB2 engine, Supernova Mario Bros 2 Engine has better functionality and well organized coding system.

The Engine

Features (Also Planned)

  • Generic SMB2 pull-n-throw system
  • Some additions from Super Mario Advance (GBA)
  • Possibly jump-through slopes
  • Character selection system
  • Organized coding (Easy to switch key options and global functions uses an object called obj_SYSTEM *instead of global.[function] which reduce system memory usage) [Thanks to DarkBlueYoshi and Kremling]
  • Subspace system
  • No more Game Maker's built image transformation, it messes up the collision boxes
  • FMOD music system

Current Status

All the basics from SMB2 are complete. Supernova did plan for some expansion but later on he decided to be against it due to clones. All future expansions are cancelled but the author himself might help some GML programmers out.


  • SMB2E is possibly the only functional SMB2 engine on the internet
  • Supernova rarely uses Game Maker's built-in functions to improve performance and optimization
  • The subspace system was programmed by xn--e5x, who mysteriously appears on the old MFGG forums and dropped it there along with modified Hello Engine 3. Though the engine was lost for a while until Supernova reuploaded it on the main site.