Saturn Mario Engine

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Saturn Mario Engine
Developer(s) Supernova
Announce Date August 25, 2008
Release Date August 29, 2008
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Complete

Saturn Mario Engine (or SME) is supernova's first engine and with its initial development at August 15, 2008. At the time when supernova released its first beta, many users complained about the physics such as low gravity. At its final release, the engine ends up to the point where supernova lost his effort fixing those choppy physics and Game Maker's solid system. Later on, supernova announced SME's successor Saturn Mario Engine II with a custom solid collision system instead of Game Maker's default one.

On the bright side, Saturn Mario Engine proved to be the very few engines that has slope sliding mechanics at the time it was released.

The only usage on Saturn Mario Engine was the first edition of Mushroom Kingdom Emissary.

Notable Glitches

  • Mario can sometimes get stuck in solid objects thanks to Game Maker's default solid collision system.
  • Compressing it with Lateral Game Maker will cause major collision glitches.
  • Gravity is still too weak and movement works choppy.
  • In some cases, Mario can teleport horizontally when he hits his head.
  • You can leave the map screen, when pressing certain key at certain coordinate.

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