Animal Antics

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Animal Antics
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Developer(s) Excalibur2, gamester
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date TBA
Genre Engine
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Unknown
Platform Windows
Status Unknown
 Unknownstatus.png This fangame has no official statement of progress.

It may still be in production, but it may also be scrapped. If you are the author of this game, please specify the game's production status.

Animal Antics was a collaborative effort with Excalibur2 of GMC and gamester of MFGG to create a perfect Donkey Kong Country engine. The engine ended up being scrapped, but gamester used the engine to create a couple minigames (Parrot Panic being one of them). The engine was also used in a bonus level in Normal Super Mario Bros. 2.

The engine had programmable barrels, animal buddies, enemies, and HUD system.

As of late 2009, gamester has resurrected the project under the title "Donkey Kong Country Engine". The current status of the engine hasn't been announced for a long time. It may have been scrapped, put on hiatus, or completed (but not submitted to MFGG).