Cheerwine Deluxe 3

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Cheerwine Deluxe 3
CD3 BB 3.png
Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date February 3, 2012
Release Date September 1, 2016
Genre Platformer, minigames
Players 1
Input Keyboard
Medium Game Maker 8
Platform Windows
Status Released

Cheerwine Deluxe 3 is VinnyVideo's sequel to his previous two iterations of Cheerwine Deluxe. The latest game in the Cheerwine Deluxe saga endeavors to blend the joke-game tomfoolery of games like Waligie and SHPDMBGWL4 with substantial, innovative gameplay. Whether Vinny will succeed at this objective remains to be seen.

Cheerwine Deluxe 3's progress has been slow, but Vinny didn't give up on the project. Vinny started working on the game in early 2012, but after 2012, he made very little progress thanks to a busy education schedule and a general lack of motivation to work on fangames. Since the start of 2016, however, CD3 has grown by leaps and bounds. The final version of the game was released on September 1, 2016.

Cheerwine Deluxe 3 was showcased at Nintendo Community Fangame Convention 2012, although it earned relatively little attention (as did the event as a whole).

Cheerwine Deluxe 3 is one of relatively few MFGG fangames to star Yoshi. Vinny included the Helicopter transformation but decided not to add the full range of moves that Yoshi can use in Yoshi's Island, such as the pounding the ground and airwalking. Throwing eggs might appear somewhere in the game, however!

Cheerwine Deluxe 3 uses an online leaderboard on the MFGG server to save record scores for minigames. The PHP backend for this system was written by HylianDev. Cheerwine Deluxe 3 was the first game to use this system, but other games may use this system in the future.


American football coaching legend Bill Belichick has decided to seize possession of the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. He summons a gigantic helicopter to rip the province out of the earth and relocate it to the moon. Worse yet, the only hope of PEI, that little green dinosaur Yoshi, is sleeping in a hammock on his own island. Can Yoshi save the day, or will he get sidetracked by the allure of free-throw contests or the financial and logistical constraints of space travel?


2012 NCFC booth



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File Size: 33.53 MB
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