Cheerwine Deluxe

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Cheerwine Deluxe
Cheerwine Deluxe Title.png
Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date January 10, 2011
Release Date January 29, 2011
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Keyboard, mouse
Medium Game Maker 8
Platform Windows
Status Complete

Cheerwine Deluxe is a game VinnyVideo developed for one of The Minus World's Joke Game Contests, although he also created a topic for the game on the MFGG forums and later released a more Mario-centric version for the MFGG mainsite. The game is replete with intentionally unfitting music, zany sound effects, frustrating gameplay, bizarre scenarios, incoherent storylines, and strange, clashing graphics, including many backgrounds based on photos Vinny took himself.


In Cheerwine Deluxe, seven evil celebrity warlords have conquered the Canadian province of Saskatchewan by taking control of Saskatchewan's Seven Pillars of Justice: Cattle, the Supervisor of Elections, the Supreme Court, the Governor, the Flag, the City Councils, and Education. The player must defeat all of these fiends to restore peace and freedom to Saskatchewan and prevent the so-called Council of Evil from spreading throughout the entire planet. Several plot twists occur as the game progresses.


Cheerwine Deluxe is a side-scrolling platform game that combines twisted Mario-like worlds with mini-games involving the characters who are part of the Council of Evil. These games range from a button-mashing contest against Jay Leno on the lawn of the Saskatchewan Legislature to a pie-baking match in a butter-laden level featuring Paula Deen.

Obscure References

Much of the game plays homage to other joke games, most notably Waligie, whose namesake character even appears on the intentionally-broken "Choose Your Avatar" screen. The game also pays homage to Super Mario Storm, Late Night Mario, Normal Super Mario Bros., and other games.

The "Choose Your Avatar" screen includes three different images of the entertainer Will Smith, a reference to the infamous World's Biggest Puppy fad; in particular, the Minus World incarnation of WBP.


If you press the Q key as the game begins, you can play as Lucca (the brainy inventor from Chrono Trigger) instead of Iggy Koopa (the brainiest of the Koopalings). The two characters handle the same, and despite Iggy's increased height because of his trademark mohawk, the characters have the same collision masks. Regardless of whom you select, the player's default name will always be Oarack Bbama. In the original beta of the game, Lucca was the default character and Iggy was the alternate.

The Bridge to Nowhere actually takes you to a warp zone, but it remains to be seen whether its effects are positive!

Legend has it that an elite player may find Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo hidden in the game, but it's virtually impossible to find him without cheating.


A rushed demo appeared on Minus World at the deadline of their Joke Game Contest. The game had only four levels and contained some collision problems, and most of the people who played the game complained that they couldn't get past the Angry Shuriken Cow in the first level. Since then, updates have added more levels and made the game marginally easier. The game was released on MFGG on January 29, and it met with mixed opinions.


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