Hablo: The Game

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Hablo: The Game
Hablo Romney.png
Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date October 5, 2012
Release Date October 9, 2012
Genre Minigame
Players 1
Input Keyboard
Medium Game Maker 8
Platform Windows
Status Released

On October 5, 2012, an unknown individual created a dupe account named hablo. VinnyVideo initially believed that this new member was a clueless but benign mainsiter who had just joined the forums, although later accounts indicated that hablo intended to start a meme and/or harass another member. Either way, Vinny threatened to make a game about this incident - and to everyone's shock, he actually carried through on his "promise."

The Story

The plot of Hablo: The Game faithfully adheres to the narrative given in one of Hablo's posts:

UPDATE HE HAS A STORY: So one day hablo was poor and he had to go to the doctor so he went to street doctor and he told him that he has cancer and he haas to tell all the people he touched in the last 10 monthes. Well to pay the doctor back for such bad news he gave the doctor his car, doctor didnt like it so he came with his gang and stole his house too. Hablo went to the unemployment office where they gave him job as land inspector so he went to land in canada and he inspected the land for oils. With all the baby oil and the lamb oil and the whale oil he found he made a big big profit and so he wanted to get revenge on the street doctor for evil. And then he tried to touched the street doctor and gave him the sun cancer he has, but instead street doctor says he will give back the houses and the money for no cancer. Hablo is happy. Hablo took it and became millionare for ever and then got a corvette and a photographer thats how he got the picture above. Also he is still dying from sun cancer though atleast he is immune to vampires . . . which is ironically the only way he can live longer(forever)

The Game

Hablo: The Game is a visual and musical interpretation of the post described above. While essentially a joke game, the game is not completely devoid of actual gameplay, as illustrated by the level where Hablo must dodge a floating Twilight DVD while "inspecting" the Canadian wilderness for oil. The game includes a guest appearance from then-U.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a Dr. Phil lookalike, and some unnamed gangster thug Vinny photographed himself at a local football game. The dubious graphical choices, needless to say, are intentional.



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