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Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date July 19, 2010
Release Date July 31, 2010
Genre Minigame
Players 1
Input Mouse
Medium Game Maker 8
Platform Windows
Status Complete

Goo is a bizarre game VinnyVideo created for Minigame Competition #58, which had a theme of deception and counter-intuition. In the game, the player takes control of the Super Mario Sunshine boss Gooper Blooper, who is trying to pollute the ocean with his black goop! Gooper Blooper can place mines every few seconds to deflate the Cheep-Cheeps that appear at the edges of the screen. These Cheep-Cheeps, which come in standard red form and in a SMB3 beta-inspired yellow hue, will eat the goop you placed. Since points are awarded for having as much goo as possible on the field of play, it's imperative to take out the Cheep-Cheeps when they appear.

Numerous power-ups appear in this game, including a beer bottle, a flag of China, a baseball, and a portrait of Sarah Palin. These power-ups have often counter-intuitive effects, from erasing all the goo on screen (actually a good thing, as it cashes in your points and prevents the Cheep-Cheeps from taking any of the goo away) to subtracting points.

Goo uses an exceptionally unorthodox graphical style. VinnyVideo made all of the game's graphics - down to the fonts and HUD graphics - himself in MS Paint. The art was intentionally designed to project an unpolished, irreverent feel, but some criticized the graphics as being bad. More than anything, the look was a direct reaction to the poorly-made, generic-looking Hello SMB1 Engine games that were clogging up the mainsite updates at that time.

The game includes a few Easter eggs, mostly related to clicking on objects and hearing strange sound effects (including a British soccer announcer saying the line "What a terrible game!"). It also has a highly unorthodox title screen, where - for comic effect - Gooper Blooper sprays goo all over a disclaimer saying the author doesn't condone pollution of waterways. The game is obviously a subtle reference to the BP oil spill disaster.


Goo finished in last place in a relatively crowded competition voting. The game was rushed, and little real effort was put into it. The only review thus far gave the game a score of 4/10, citing its originality and randomness as being among its few positive traits. More than anything else, however, the game was ignored; its topic in the Development Center didn't see a single reply, a rarity even for one of the slowest periods in MFGG's history.



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File Size: 1.37MB

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