Mario's Steroid Adventure

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Mario's Steroid Adventure
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Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date July 1, 2009
Release Date August 31, 2009
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker 7 (later upgraded to Game Maker 8)
Platform Windows
Status Finished

Mario's Steroid Adventure is VinnyVideo's fifth fangame on MFGG, and his eighth game total. Mario's Steroid Adventure is a standard 2-D platform game that uses the Hello Engine 3, the first use of the engine for VinnyVideo. Specifically, the game uses the Lite version released on the forums in May 2009, which is similar to the Pro version used in Super Mario Bros: Shine Expedition.

VinnyVideo released an updated version of the game on March 24, 2014. This update includes Windows 8 compatibility, Stop 'n' Swop support, a marginally better save system, various graphical improvements, and some tweaks to Mario's mechanics.


Like all of VinnyVideo's games, Mario's Steroid Adventure does not take itself seriously in the least. Illicit substances, a recurring theme in VinnyVideo games, are also involved, although there are no references to fleeing a boring lifestyle. The official story, as shown in the opening sequence:

One day, Mario got on his computer to check the MFGG Web site. Suddenly, he got an ominous and mysterious instant message from Bowser: "I'm still mad about when you used to grab my tail and spin me around and throw me at those stupid bomb things! So I'm going off to buy the Magic Steroids that will make me big and tough - but not so big that those Yoshies can throw their eggs at me! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!" Realizing this seemed dangerous, Mario set off for Bowser's Castle to stop him before he could acquire anabolic steroids. And so begins Mario's latest quest. VinnyVideo has hinted that there may be a surprise ending of some sort.


Some of the more interesting levels in Mario's Steroid Adventure include an ice-coated airship, a sunken treasure ship, and a level with a very tight time limit. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Mario's Steroid Adventure are the eight secret levels connected to the standard levels. These hidden locations, including Waltation, Omanyte, Sephia, and Boselli, hide the Switch Palaces and are the only places Mario can collect certain hidden power-ups, like the Flaming Leaf and Ice Flower. There is also a rumor that the Diet Pills Land of Atlas33 fame could surface somehow, although sspp03 is the only MFGGer known to have found this area.


Mario's Steroid Adventure makes some interesting use of music. VinnyVideo persists in making exclusive use of MIDI files and includes some commonly-heard songs, like the SMB3 overworld theme, as well as less familiar tunes from games like Tetris Attack and Mario Golf: Advance Tour.


Mario's Steroid Adventure has been reviewed twice, earning ratings of 4.0 and 7.0. Many players enjoyed its music and the design of its levels, while others criticized the less-than-unique sounds and graphics, as well as the relative lack of new content. The use of the Hello Engine 3 also led to complaints from some MFGGers. VinnyVideo tried to address these complaints, especially the slippery mechanics, in the 2014 update.


Download Mario's Steroid Adventure from MFGG's main site

File Size: 4.49MB

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