Marioy 2

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Marioy 2
Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date October 25, 2007
Release Date October 20, 2008
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status V1.3 Demo

Marioy 2 was VinnyVideo's first attempt at a full fan game, and is fairly successful, with 28 widely varied levels and more than 80 unique enemies. Marioy 2's most innovative feature, however, is the SMB-style Second Quest. After defeating the final boss, players can play through a new version of the game with the same basic level layouts but with stronger and more frequent enemies and fewer power-ups.

Marioy 2 includes a mixture of horizontal and vertical levels, the latter of which is rarely seen in fan games. Some of the more memorable levels are the Eli R. Nurchlem Chlorine Factory, a factory of Grunts and palette-swapped Podoboos, and Slo-Mo Speed-Up, where the first half of the level runs extremely slowly, while objects move at lightning speed in the second half. Nearly every level in Marioy 2 holds one or more hidden 1-Up Mushrooms, but most are very difficult to find.

Interestingly, there has never been - and never will be - a true Marioy 1. The original Marioy 1 was a collection of handwritten maps for a fictitious Mario game the author made way back in early 1996.


The full story is available in the in-game help. In summary: Boom-Boom was feeling down. He hadn't appeared in a new Mario game in almost two decades, and the only employment he could find was filling out useless red tape at the Bowser Office Park. So one day, Boom-Boom decided to build a massive fortress in the Mushroom Kingdom, and with technical support from Iggy Koopa, install a massive music box that did nothing but play "YMCA" all day. The Mushroom People were most distressed about this, so they called Mario to give Boom-Boom the boot.


The engine, which VinnyVideo says took over 100 hours to make, is a modified form of the Hello SMB1 Engine that is also used in Darunia-Saria 2008 and Toad's Idiotic Adventure, and also in an in-progress game by Jeorge535. The .GMK file, stripped of most levels, is available for download on the forums.


Marioy 2 uses only MIDI files for background music. Most of the songs are traditional arrangements of Mario classics. The SMB, SMB 2, SMB3, and SMW Overworld themes are all included, but there are also some more surprising inclusions, such as the Mario Party 2 Horror Land theme, A Link to the Past's Dark Woods theme, Saria's Song from Zelda 64, the Rigging music of Donkey Kong Country 2, and, of course, YMCA.


Most players thought Marioy 2 was a well-made game. The only review thus far gave it a rating of 8/10.

Glitches and Known Issues

Some players have complained of certain glitches in the game, some of which are inherent problems in the modified Hello Super Mario Bros. Engine used in this game.

At present, Marioy 2 is a fully playable game, but it remains in beta stage because of certain glitches, including, but not limited to:

  • Problems with staying on moving platforms
  • Mini-Rhinos don't work right yet
  • The background in the chlorine factory doesn't look right yet
  • It's possible to get stuck in the wall in Boom-Boom's Tower


Future versions of the game may include a save feature and/or four more levels, although VinnyVideo has not given any clear indication when - or if - the next update will be released.

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