MFGG Emblem

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MFGG Emblem
MFGG Emblem Demo.png
Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date May 2015
Release Date July 28, 2018
Genre SRPG
Players 1
Input Keyboard
Medium Game Maker 8
Platform Windows
Status Demo

MFGG Emblem is a strategy RPG with gameplay based on the GBA-era Fire Emblem games. However, the characters and settings are inspired by MFGG events and fangames. The engine includes most of the core features of the actual Fire Emblem games and also includes some "nice to have" features such as Fog of War.

Vinny programmed the engine from the ground up. The engine remains a work in progress and has some bugs and poorly-optimized code, but Vinny would be happy to share the source with anyone interested in making their own Fire Emblem fangame in Game Maker.

List of Chapters

Cast of Characters (playable in first demo)

Several other characters were added in the 2020 demo - DJ Coco, Jas, Langton, Miles, Nite Shadow, and Yoshin.


The original engine was found to have some bugs - one bug allowed playable characters to move an infinite number of times if the status screen was opened at a certain time. Another bug allowed playable characters to move to certain squares outside their movement range. Vinny hopes to release a future update with a rollup of bugfixes and possibly new chapters.


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