Toad's Idiotic Adventure

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Toad's Idiotic Adventure
Toad's Adventure 1.PNG
Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date March 22, 2009
Release Date June 10, 2009
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker 7
Platform Windows
Status Finished

Toad's Idiotic Adventure is a fangame VinnyVideo made in spring 2009. He did not devote very much effort to it, as he was trying to make the game as bad as possible. It uses the Hello SMB Engine, substituting Toad for Mario. The game wasn't good enough for the main site, so VinnyVideo posted it on the forums on September 23, 2009.


As with most of VinnyVideo's games, the story in Toad's Idiotic Adventure alludes to current events and alcoholic beverages. While the full story appears on the in-game help screen, this is the summary: Toad has been fielding some ominous sounding calls from the Goomba Debt Collection Agency. Peach had been unable to pay after losing a lot of money in a Ponzi scheme, so Bowser was planning on settling a recent debt by kidnapping her and building Koopa Castles everywhere. In despair, Toad was pacing through the halls of the castle and found an old cabinet. Inside were several bottles of Budweiser, and the next thing he knew, he was falling out of a door somewhere.


All of the levels in the game are designed to be frustrating and/or glitchy. The first level looks quite a bit like the opening room in Super Mario Bros. 2. The second level is a faithful remake of World 1-1 in Super Mario Bros., except none of the objects give collisions. World 1-3 is based on one of the earliest levels in Paper Mario World, widely considered to be one of the worst fangames. Other levels include a world where touching a coin warps you to the previous level, a world where all the enemies and items display the wrong sprites, and a world where Toad is invisible. Some levels include relatively obscure music, including songs from Yoshi's Cookie and even Eric Cantona's Football Challenge. Many of the levels are based on VinnyVideo's earlier games, particularly Marioy 2.


Toad's Idiotic Adventure was released on the forums and received relatively little attention. While bizarre in the mold of Waligie or Player Adventure, Toad's Idiotic Adventure never gathered anything resembling the cult-like following of such games. It's hard to find too much to like about this game. Yet since the author set out with the express purpose of making a bad game, it's hard to tell with certainty what success is for this game.

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