Career Fantasy

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Career Fantasy
Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date Many moons ago
Release Date Unreleased
Genre RPG
Players 1
Input Keyboard
Medium Game Maker 8.0
Platform Windows
Status Under development

 Blue!box.gif This article is about a game still in production.

Information shown is therefore liable to frequent change.

Career Fantasy, alternatively known by other aliases such as Career Saga and Bibby Team Indie RPG, is a JRPG currently being developed by VinnyVideo. Based on the Bibby RPG Engine of Vinny's own making, Career Fantasy uses turn-based battles and (if all goes well) Paper Mario-style Action Commands. Career Fantasy bills itself as a "non-Japanese" JRPG - instead of the medieval and fantasy settings that continue to dominate the RPG genre, Career Fantasy is set in a small college town located somewhere in the modern American South.

While Career Fantasy has not been released yet, it was nominated for the Most Anticipated, Best Story, and Best Setting categories at the 2014 edition of MFGG Awards, and it came one vote short of winning Most Anticipated. Vinny hopes to have this game done within the next year, although no guarantees can be made.


Career Fantasy features a massive cast of playable characters and NPCs. While various details have been changed to protect the innocent (and not-so-innocent), many of the characters and locations are allusions to Vinny's real-world experiences.

The exact number of playable characters is not set in stone, but Vinny can confirm that there will be a significant number of characters to choose from. Since your party is capped at a maximum of four, it'll take quite a few playthroughs to try every playable character.


As of early 2016, relatively little has been publicly revealed about the game's story. However, it is generally believed that the protagonists must team up to stop the Evil King of Dubstep's vile plot to take over the world.


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