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Aliases: Tsukami, Latia/Latiidae, Kapworld, Kap, Mia, TsukaYuriko
Interests: AI Programming, Doofuses, Manga, Anime
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Miaxis is a former MFGG member, member of Team Everlasting and leader of Team Dimensional. Her specialty is programming, specifically in Game Maker. She has a boyfriend from Sweden who also develops his own games.

Fangaming history

(Date: 21th Sep 09)

  • 3 finished projects
  • 3 WIP projects, 1 of which is a secret
  • 56 scrapped projects

The first finished project ever seen by Miaxis was Super Birdo World, a fangame where a Birdo jumps into the role of Mario. It was canceled because her skills were still too low to complete the project. The second project was Boo's Big BOO!, a minigame where the player goes haunting Mushroom Kingdom citizen as a Boo on Halloween. The game was suspected as a Trojan by a couple of members but it has never been proven true. Battle of the Bros is the third finished game in the series, which is also hers and Char's entry for Minigame Competition 50. She also had a booth at Nintendo Community Fangame Convention 2009 for Super Mario RPG: Shatters of a Soul.

Current whereabouts

Miaxis is currently a moderator on the official Game Maker Community. She's currently planning to release a novel based on her now original project, Shattered Souls.