Daisy: Redneck Cowgirl

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Daisy: Redneck Cowgirl
Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date November 30, 2009
Release Date December 17, 2009
Genre Minigame/Shooter
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker 7 (later upgraded to Game Maker 8)
Platform Windows
Status Complete

Daisy: Redneck Cowgirl is VinnyVideo's entry for Minigame Competition #53, the first time VinnyVideo has ever entered such a competition. The original version was released in December 2009, but Vinny released an updated version in January 2014. This update includes various bug fixes so that the game will run properly in Windows 8 and also adds Stop 'n' Swop functionality.


While the full story appears in the in-game help, Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has lured Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario, and Bowser to Peach's Castle and trapped them all in the castle basement. With them out of the way, Ahmadinejad plans to destroy most of the planet with powerful nuclear weapons launched from outer space. The only ones left to stop him are Daisy and Yoshi. Daisy grabs an NES Zapper and jumps on Yoshi's back, and thus the game begins.


Daisy: Redneck Cowgirl is a rail shooter with much gun action but no blood or gore. Throughout the game, Daisy holds a 1989 NES Zapper and shoots the oncoming enemies while riding on Yoshi's back, who is constantly going forward. The player can hold Left on the keyboard to slow Yoshi down, and players can also jump and change the trajectory of their weapon. Aside from most basic ground enemies (such as Goombas), which can be stomped, all the enemies are can only be killed by Daisy's bullets. The game employs a hit points system similar to the one used in Darunia-Saria 2008, although the engine and game mechanics are completely original. In two levels, players can find a SNES Super Scope - an upgrade to the default NES Zapper - that allows players to use the mouse to shoot enemies on any part of the screen using an aiming sight.


There are six levels in this game, as well as a final boss. These levels include a rainy level, a waterfall, and an airship. Background music from PlayStation-era Final Fantasy games is used in every level, including on the title screen.


MegaTailzChao thought this was a fairly good game but was annoyed by the non-solid Bullet Cannons.

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