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Aliases: fujiko123
Real name: Megan
Interests: Video games, internet... the usual
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Fujiko is a member of MFGG who joined on August 13th, 2007. He has posted most frequently in General Chat and the CCC/Lounge, although you'll see him posting art from time to time as well. He's done some work on a Visual Novel called Hinomaru, and he won a Music Competition in early 2013. Fujiko is generally liked and respected by most people on MFGG. Until the end of 2012, he didn't have an account on New MFGG, though, and hardly ever posts any more on Minus World. In spite of this, he was something of a prominent member, and in mid-2013 was promoted to Global Moderator. On September 11, 2015, he was demoted to a regular member.


Fujiko has used at least two different references over the years. His first was a Toadette-like Toad character with short hair and a knee-length skirt. More recently, his greenish-skinned "Grammar Nazi" reference has been used more prominently, especially at FIFAD. Despite the similar outfits, this character is not based on that of Kommandant Dragmire. Above all, any depiction of Fujiko is unacceptable without short, dark brown hair and southpaw tendencies.


  • He is known as the "Paris Hilton of iScribble" and started the topic for it in the CCC.
  • On Skype he was once known as Comrade Poutine, an ode to her love of a certain French Canadian fast-food dish.
  • He had an ongoing comic in the Arts Board starring Korby.
  • In 2010, Fujiko defeated Thunder Dragon in a Drawing Competition, which is not easy to do.
  • He has a little brother named Owen, who needs to shut up.
  • He and Shroomguy were in a forum relationship. They have both moved on to new and exciting things.
  • Fujiko was once the arts board moderator on Crab Radish and remains the only moderator on VinnyVideo's forum.
  • He is a big fan of the music of Susumu Hirasawa.