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Aliases: Shroom, Shroomdude, Spookguy
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Shroomguy on MFGG 2.0

Shroomguy joined the forums in early June 2008. Though not the most popular guy on MFGG, he has become semi-well known for his music and posts in the CCC. Although he never really participated in much game creation, he offered his services of music multiple times to quite a few members. He'll often roleplay when the topic calls for it, but mostly in a parodying manner. Overall, he makes his best attempts to maintain a healthy relationship with the community.

Shroomguy MFGG 3.0

Shroomguy has been somewhat less active on the "New" boards (MFGG 3.0) due to real life issues that need attending to, however, he makes "A good attempt to post frequently" and doesn't seem to be spiteful towards any members in particular. He is still the same person personality-wise, but he has become more intelligent over the time he has been on MFGG, and has gotten a notorious reputation (mostly from the roles he played in forum games, such as Kira game and Mafia) for being a skilled murderer. His role on MFGG Wrestling has been more heroic. Whether or not he is plotting to take up arms and purify MFGG is still up to debate, but it is fairly certain that he won't hurt anybody.