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A Drawing of Biddy by FuPoo.
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Aliases: Bidbood, Bid the Koopa, General Biddy, Africa, Kakashi Sensei, Super Saiyan Mario 6, General Papulatus, KnightMan, Bidjo, HAUNTER, me Jojo, BIDDAAARGH (dupe), Almosthome (dupe), Hercules J. Apollo (dupe), Bob Ross (dupe), baboonballs (dupe), Landmaster (dupe), Shadow Guyver III (dupe), Char's Debt Guy
Interests: Nuclear weapons study
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Brief History

Biddy, also known as "General Biddy", joined the forums mid-August 2003. His spelling and grammar were a disaster, due to his early understanding of the English language, since he was Dutch. However, his English improved drastically by hanging around in MFGG. He is known for his blunt attitude towards things, which has gotten him into constant arguments with several members. He's probably known as a spammer, being 2nd top poster on the IPB boards with 75% of his posts in the Pointless Post Palace. Biddy is one of the few Dutch members active on MFGG.

Due to the unusual spelling of his first name (and the fact that usernames are underlined), "Bidbood" was frequently misspelled, usually as Bidhood or Bidblood.

Game Design

Biddy uses Game Maker instead of a Klik product, and is proud of it. He made quite some games but because of a lack of backups he lost most of them.


Biddy is mainly obsessed with games from the Command and Conquer series. But he enjoys Mario games just as much. Biddy is always up for an online challenge as long as he knows how to play the game and beat others. Still spriting every now and then, but nowhere near as much as he used to when he had first joined MFGG. Not quite the artist when it comes to drawing, either. He used to draw a lot years ago, but he stopped. Because of this, his drawing skills went down dramatically.


It started out with a Sprite Comic series he was planning to make called "Kiddie Koop Castle". The 8th Koopa Kid, the cousin of the Koopa Family we all know was called "Henry Koopa". Don't ask why, his name wasn't even Henry in real life. He was very small and carried a brace. He made him taller, got rid of the brace and called him Biddy Koopa instead. Team wars caused him to change his character again. He and Bungalo shared both Leadership of probably the most successful team called The Ultimate Team. Then in the second Team Wars, they had recruited people for The Ultimate Army. But hey, no army without General! So Biddy Koopa turned into General Biddy. A red general's-uniform (without a cap).

Name changes

Biddy had quite a lot of name changes.

  • Bidbood (still called Bidbood by a few people, though disliking this name a lot. Biddy first registered on MFGG under this alias)
  • Bid the Koopa
  • General Biddy
  • Africa (joke name-change done by ShadowMan
  • Kakashi Sensei
  • Super Bowser-Kun!
  • Super Saiyan Mario 6 (see below)
  • General Biddy (Again)
  • General Papulatus
  • General Biddy (Again)
  • Biddy
  • KnightMan (see below)
  • Bidjo
  • Char's Debt Guy

Biddy decided to carry the name Super Saiyan Mario 6 as well as a ridiculously stupid avatar and signature for his last 100 posts until his postcount reached 20,000. It was also his birthday. (December 30Th).

As part of the Robot Master group Biddy changed his name to KnightMan, and is thus stuck with it (with no regrets!) until Admins get rid of the permanent namechange rule.

Bans & Returns

On December 1st 2006, Dark Kamek used an image from Biddy's webspace. He was told to remove it by Biddy, but refused. The result was Biddy changing the image to Goatse. Biddy was then banned by Jeff Silvers for 5 days. Dark Kamek was banned for 4 days for refusing to remove the image, which violated the Stupidity Rule. Biddy requested a permaban from Jeff, and was banned permanantly. However, he requested to come back in, but his extensive warn log prevented it for a short time, until he got unbanned on December 15, 2006.

He was permabanned again by Trasher on February 12, 2007 for trolling Delmore. He has since bypassed his ban five times - the first time (under the name "BIDDAAARGH"), created to contradict Uber n00ber in the PPP, he was banned again almost instantly; the second and third times (under the names "Almosthome" and "Hercules J. Apollo", respectively) he went for a while without being identified, but was eventually found out and re-banned; and the fourth and fifth times (under the names "Bob Ross" and "baboonballs") he was quickly disposed of yet again because he made his identity clear. During his "Bob Ross visit", a flamewar broke out between members who supported him and those who didn't like him or objected to him coming back.

In late August 2007, many MFGGers requested him to come become unperma'd, since Delmore had requested a permaban after he was fired from his Staff position. He was unbanned again on December 10, 2007.

After The Great Mistake, Biddy was banned once again on February 18th, 2008. Jas, Cutman and Biddy had decided to prank MFGG. Jas had abused her powers to make The Face and Landmaster admins. Cutman took control of The Face, and Biddy took control of Landmaster, and both proceeded to wreck the forums. Both were banned again after, and Jas was demoted.

A Landmaster.

User #4999 "CHALLENGER APPROACHING", and #5000 "Landmaster", joined on February 3rd 2008. The names refer to the game released 4 days earlier Super Smash Bros. Brawl and its big amount of Landmasters being the Final Smash of all 3 Star Fox characters in the game. Several days after registering, user #4999 posted a single post, and someone reported this very little post made by #4999 and noted in its report. #4999 was permabanned after the report. #5000 was permabanned for sharing connections with #4999.

On September 14th, 2009, Biddy re-registered with the name "KnightMan", his past Robot Master name change. In his first post he said that he thought his IP was unbanned, but then said he realized he got a new router. His title was Member No. 6. He was permabanned again by Shyguy Grey on September 17th, 2009 for being an obvious dupe of Biddy.

When MFGG 3.0 opened its registrations to the public November 7th, 2009, Biddy returned once again due to the clean slate rule.

MFGG Royale

MFGG Royale is a comic drawn by Biddy. It is based on the manga Battle Royale, but replaces the characters with various MFGG users.

A Page from chapter 3 of MFGG Royale


It was started when General Biddy started a topic in the PPP asking for people to sign up for no reason other than "I'll do something cool with this". Discussion began on the topic as to what it was he was doing. Many suspected it to involve "Battle Royale", but most thought it was going to be some sort of roleplay thing. It turned out though, that it was a comic.

The Contestants




On Sep 13 2006, 04:24 AM, General Biddy was banned for 20 Days. As a result, work on the comic was stopped after Chapter 6, and apparently would continue once his ban is lifted. As there would be no updates until then, Captain Jeff Silvers had un-stickied the topic until Biddy's ban was lifted. However, after the ban, Biddy had not updated, and is unlikely to do so. Therefore, the topic remained un-stickied. With Biddy's permaban in February 2007 and his stated disinterest in continuing the project (even prior to his ban), it is highly unlikely the project will ever see completion.

The Game

On June 30th, 2007, member MechaBowser, along with Neopolis, created an online multiplayer game based on the comic. Included in the game were four single-player challenges, a multiplayer mode, and the ability to accept custom-made characters, weapons, arenas etc. A sequel has been developed, and a 2-day beta of it was secretly released at The End of the Universe. A newer version has been released called The Royale which focuses less on the Battle Royale and MFGG Royale stories.

Not too much is known about it yet, but it has been revealed that ragdolls are supported, and it is being developed in MechaSource.