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Aliases: Zash, Vihuri
Interests: Spriting, Theropods, Fractal Geometry, Finance, Law
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Zasshou is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on June 26th, 2006, and has been a sporadic at best poster. He has shown no particular interest in any of the relevant topics on MFGG such as Mario and fangaming, and seems to exist only for the community at this time. His only notable contributions thus far have been a sprite sheet of himself in NO_Body's Battle Sprite style, and some enemies for the fan hack, MFGG Story, currently still in development.

Zasshou is in fact the elder brother of another MFGGer, MechaChao. The two of them rarely communicate within the board, unless one is waiting impatiently for the other on something needed for a project. He also seems to have a distaste for younger and/or compulsively controlling users, and often makes derisive comments and borderline flames against such members, due by and large to a general distaste for bad rhetoric and poor behavior. Somewhat ironic, given his history.

Zasshou was permanently banned on December 2nd, 2006, following a three day ban for reporting his own posts. The reason for the permaban was his creation of a dupe account for the sole purpose of posting a single instance of goatse. Throughout the next two years, Zasshou would sporadically return, most often resulting in another permaban.


After re-registering under Vihuri, Mecha informed Black Squirrel of his presence in order to absolve himself of any responsibility for Zash's actions. However, there was no immediate banning, and as such Zash himself eventually [PM]'d both Black Squirrel and Shyguy Grey, inquiring as to whether or not he could legitimately return. He was banned again by SGG, but had it repealed a month later and now enjoys renewed posting privileges.