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The Face

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As close to having "all badges" as the forum software could handle

Aliases: Cutman
Interests: Scaring the living crap out of people
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The Face was created as the 1000th member ID on the forum, and as such, had the highest post count on the IPB MFGG forums, at an administratively altered 1000000 total posts, therefore beating SonicProject who had the highest normal post count. Its avatar and signature were the same image (Pictured above), but little else was known about it. The Face is clearly regarded as a joke account. Based on a classic forum event. (see below)


The Face was a prominent MFGG in-joke in its early days. Cutman was a prominent user of the symbol, and embedded it with the classic screaming sound file. More information about this event.


According to legend, The Face is actually real, and watches over his MFGG account. Apparently e-mailing him would bring fortune and horrible distorted screams to those who believe in his existence.

This was proven when The Face posted his first topic in the PPP, which was stickied and locked. The topic announced that he would give advice to anyone who PMed him.

Banning of the Face

When Cutman left the forums in September 2007 he revealed that The Face was actually him, ending years of speculation. Sadly on the 7th of October The Face's avatar and signature were changed to gay porn in an attempt to spite Joey. Both Cutman and The Face were permabanned.

In December (or perhaps before), however, The Face was unbanned and given a completely new "look" as shown in its avatar. But is presumed that Cutman no longer has access to the account, as The Face had clearly been banned before so that Cutman would not be able to post through the account after his permaban.

On February 18th, Jas made The Face an administrator as a prank. It was revealed (in the worst way) that Cutman still had access to this account when he attempted to delete all of the forums and other administrative powers. Before she was demoted, Jas managed to promote Delmore to administrator, and he deleted The Face and Landmaster.