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Aliases: Cutman, Cutgoth, Cutty(nickname), Cutmang(nickname)
Real name: Mike
Interests: Doom (game), MFGGU
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 Banned.gif This article/section is about a member who was banned and hasn't been seen since then.

It is improbable that any notable information will be added to this article in the future.

Cutman is a fangamer who once worked with TGF and CNC before moving on to other projects and engines. He has small talent spread over a variety of subjects. His personality and attitude are rather random at times. He was owner of MFGGU alongside Mugenmidget before its closure.


Cutman was considered to be one of the Oldbies thanks to being a member of MFGG longer than many of the other users. He started as a member on the old EZboard forums but his personality was that of a jester.

Once joining he soon invited his friend Doctor Octopus to join and mess around on the board. The two were always seen posting together and many questioned if they were the same person or not.

Cutman was one of the people involved in the Great Kyle Flamewar and was one of the victims of trying to defend MFGG by getting a ban from Kyle.

Eventually Cutman was unbanned but soon left because he "got bored", as did Doctor Octopus soon after, however they still remained on AIM and MSN to contunie talking to their MFGG friends (mainly Kritter and Mugenmidget).

When the new forum was created, Cutman returned as a lurker, and only posted in small bursts over the a large period of time. He usually wanted to start a spamfest or just post random pictures of horrible things to get banned out of boredom. Cutman received several bans due to this.

Cutman eventually returned to his old self and came back to MFGG as a regular member again, however he changed his appearance to "CutGoth" to stand out from having a 0% original character, although many just still refer to him as Cutman.

Leaving and Permaban

However Cutman left MFGG again not long after due to the huge amount of drama spread across the boards, which he realised after taking a week off from the world of the internet for a holiday. He was still active on DeviantArt, and many other places, such as IM. As the newly appointed admin, Cutman focused all his time on MFGGU instead.

On October 7th, 2007, Cutman was permabanned from MFGG forums for switching the avatar of the account called "The Face" to a gay porn picture with an image of the moderator Joey's face pasted on it (as Cutman was not happy with Joey's promotion to moderator). Since Cutman had already left the forums for good, however, this ban meant nothing in particular to him. "The Face" was a special gimmick account that Cutman had been allowed to create a long time before, for joke purposes. This account was also permabanned at the same time as Cutman was.

In The Great Mistake on February 19th, Jas allowed Cutman access to the re-instated "The Face" account, which had been given admin powers. Cutman, alongside Biddy, who had taken control of "Landmaster" (also adminned), then proceeded to destroy MFGG, demoting all the mods/admins and removing all the boards. Luckily for MFGG, Admiral Delmore, who had received a last minute promotion from Jas, ended Cutman's reign, although as the board was long gone a copy from January 2008 needed to be restored by Retriever II. The event caused the closure of the MFGGU forums as well. Cutman, Biddy, and the two gimmick accounts were permabanned again.

Today he mostly works on his Doom projects such as Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch, and is still active at his homepage


Although Cutman is always obsessed with The Face, he is actually one of the most severely effected from the event. Ever since Cutman tried so hard to find what was wrong with the picture and get screamed at by The Face, Cutman has become severely jumpy and paranoid. He believes however that only a sissy would suffer from such a small event so he continues to spread The Face around.


  • Kittie Quest - A Fangame based on the MFGG topic which involved Doctor Octopus stealing kittens.
  • Fat Sonic - A strange game made for humourous reasons.
  • Hypernewbie123456789 - A joke account created a long time ago to annoy members.
  • The Face - Although he didn't actually create the flash movie or the picture, he created the legacy by calling it THE FACE in the first place.

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 Banned.gif This article/section is about a member who was banned and hasn't been seen since then.

It is improbable that any notable information will be added to this article in the future.

Hypernewbie123456789 was a fake account that is created by Cutman, which is intended for humorous reasons on MFGG, while he isn't doing any school work. However though, many members took these reasons offensively and flamed Hypernewbie123456789. Hypernewbie123456789 had stated various odd things about wanting to be an administrator, and he stated that he could because his mother said so.

It didn't take very long until he was permabanned.