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On a forum, a signature appears on the bottom of every post a user makes, and is secluded to just their posts. Signatures on MFGG contain a variety of pictures, text, and rarely, videos. Some are random, some advertise things, and some are rather completely useless. Though some are much longer than others, there is a limit to how many characters a signature can hold. Users on the MFGG Message Boards are encouraged to keep their signature height to be no more than 400 pixels and stay within a reasonable file limit. They are also encouraged to not put any imagery that can possibly cause seizures, annoyance, or both, in their signature.

As of July 2014, Game of the Month banners have been included on Game of the Month topics. Such banners include the title of the Game of the Month winner as well as a screenshot of it. They are usually placed into signatures in order to show some of their games that have managed to win a Game of the Month award.

In about around 2006, Witendofi WiFi signatures and ID's have been added into signatures to show their online competitiveness, and to help broadcast friend codes across the internet easier. It is currently unknown how long did this trend last until it went down.

Signatures can be disabled through the User control panel, so that they appear invisible. This is often considered by people who have low-speed internet connections, and speed up loading time with signatures out of the way.

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