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During the era of MFGG's EZBoard days, Cutman posted a disguised link, which actually contained a flash in which a picture of a room was depicted. You were to look around the room, finding an item. However, this item was not there, and after a short period of time, a picture of what is now known as "The Face" would pop up and a loud scream would sound. This can be seen on many amateur videos of people becoming freaked out by this, and are nicknamed by some as "Screamers".

This was particularly devestating on some MFGGers, inducing some of them to never wish to sleep again, and bringing up images of The Face on certain furniture in their room and outside of the window.

Ever since then, it has been known to be it's own "MFGG-phobia," and made many members regret seeing such a sight, and has made them paranoid of suspicious links posted on the forums. Some members however, have found this an opportunity to find and post more screamers.

The Face can be seen on Super Mario Storm as a level which contains The Face being hand-drawn in black and white and having similar behaviour as the real thing itself.

The Face is also a joke account on the forums, having "posted" 1,000,000 times and having a matching avatar and signature (The avatar being outside the normal size limit).

This is an event that any of the real oldbies should remember.

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