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A pic of 123James drawn by himself
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Aliases: Variations of the same name (examples include James123, One23James, and semaj321)
Real name: James
Interests: Drawing, Internet, Games
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Although 123James has never been in the center of MFGG’s population chart he managed to claim quite a bit of fame in the days. In his early life on the forum he was pretty modest though not as talented in the art department. He was also a lot more stupid. He was eventually able to gain quite a bit of drawing skills and became more familiar to satire and sarcasm. However, even to this day he can still be a bit slow and arrogant at times. He may also jump the gun and rant when he finds something wrong with what someone else has said without reading the whole post causing him to say stuff he’ll regret in a matter of moments. When this happens all he feels he can do is apologize shake it off. This has become more rare because he does not post as often any more.

He didn't register to MFGG's forums when he first found the place because he was still too young and scared of being hunted down by an online predator. But he did check for updates on the main site often. When he eventually joined he didn't give a good first impression with his bad grammar/spelling and childish behavior. As time passed, his art and grammar skills improved, he cleaned up his act for the most part, and he earned more respect from the other MFGGes.

Years later, around the time MFGG's forum had split and Minus World was created he began to lose interest in both forums. Now days seeing him on either would be nothing short of a miracle.

Artistic Abilities

James has become a talented artist, and is one of the few members who develops better skills in short times periods. He usually likes to draw in his own cartoon style though when drawing fan art using a reference pic he seems to take some traits from the pics original style and mixes it with his. He has said himself that one of the first inspirations was from the web-toon, Geoweasel; however the show was still just a sprite comic at the time and he is not as obsessed with it as much as he used to be. He has also been inspired by other shows and series he enjoyed as a kid as well including Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbies, Fairly Odd Parents, Hay Arnold, the characters, environments, and simplicity of the Mario games, and other shows and games.

He was known to have made topics in the PPP/CCC during the 2.0 era where he would offer to draw various members in the topic in different ways. He'd try to occasionally do something a little differently in some topics weather it be his member selecting method or the technique he'd use to draw them. Every now and then he would even sketch one member on paper and scan it. In most cases he didn't put a lot of effort into the drawings he makes in those topics.


  • He is one of the few members who managed to earn an Ultra Happy Heart Badge on the forums during it's 2.0 era.
  • He still has a habit of misspelling words often so he's a big fan of spellcheck.
  • He is minor near sighted, meaning he only needs to wear glasses for driving and reading small text from afar.
  • If you click on the image to the right of the phrase “It's Signature, Folks!!” in 123James' signature you will be taken to a random website (in most cases, a video on YouTube). When he changes the image, this indicates that he’s now linking to a different site.