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A Drawing of Quickie-la by Darkz.
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Aliases: Inuyasha Rocks, Quick Chick, Zankrauf, Zanaavaea, Zani
Interests: Video games, programming, reading, music, art
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Quickie-la has been lingering around the MFGG boards since the end of '04. Her Mario-related character is a yellow, humanoid, female Shyguy with wings. She had been somewhat active again since September of 2011, until April of the following year.


Quickie-la has a fursona by the name of Zani for short (drawn by Edofenrir) and saves up to attend one of the largest Furry conventions in the United States each year, the last one being Further Confusion 2012 in San Jose, California. She doesn't blatantly disperse a lot her views of the community because of online controversy. Quickie-la remains to only state the fact that she does not "have intercourse in animal suits" as is commonly presumed of the community.


  • Quickie-la first joined the IPB boards when she was a pre-teen, new to the internet, as "Inuyasha Rocks"
  • The name "Quickie-la" was a nick name given to her by another member, based upon the name "Quick Chick", when she was 12.
  • Puddin is Quickie-la's brother.
  • Quickie-la synthesizes video game-esque music as a hobby and plays several musical instruments with ease.
  • Quickie-la tries to attend other video-game and comic related events in the Los Angeles area with her free finances.