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Robot Masters are bosses in the popular Capcom series, Mega Man. Every robot master was a powerful robot with different abilities. Every Robot Master ended with "Man" in their name, with the exception of a few like Splash Woman. MFGG has some Robot Masters, and some fake ones.

Robot Masters

Cutman - Although he often uses his Cutgoth character, Cutman has been around MFGG for some time and has always used his old Robot Master character.

Cloakbass - Not exactly a true Robot Master, but Bass is a Robot created by Dr. Wily nevertheless. Cloakbass is based off of Bass's Battle Network counterpart, who just so happens to wear a cloak.

Quickman - Originally based off the Quick Man character from Mega Man.

ShadowMan(Press Start) - While he is not commonly remembered by the name, Press Start once assumed the "Shadowman" moniker. This was before the current staffer/ex-admin, ShadowMan. Unlike the current ShadowMan, Press Start intentionally based this name off of the Mega Man robot master.

Fake Robot Masters

ShadowMan - He has never actually said he is based on the Shadow Man from the Mega Man series, although he did make a fake picture of Shadow Man with his head on.

Iceman3k - Iceman3k is just another Mario edit, nothing to do with THE Ice Man.

Hippoman - Not an actual robot master, but would probably make a good one.


Mugenmidget - Not a robot master, although his character has usually been a Metool from Mega Man.

Thunder Dragon - His original character was based off of Magma Dragoon, a boss from Mega Man X4. While he no longer uses that incarnation of the character, one can't help but associate his username with the maverick bosses of the Mega Man X series.

Naoshi/Msonic - is half based off Mega Man. He has a Mega Man styled gun on his arm.

Robot Master group

Cloakbass once began a robot master "club" on MFGG, in which he gathered up several members with Mega Man-based names (as well as several without). The first project among the group was meant to be a joint fangame idea, although this was quickly dropped and the robot masters group soon faded into obscurity.

All of the Other Robot Masters

And then, out of the blue, this happened!