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Giant Ninja Octopus, Applequeso's former MFGG persona
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Aliases: FruityCheese
Interests: Drawing, playing guitar, anime, video games, and fangaming
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AppleQueso joined MFGG on July 22nd, 2006. She was most active in the Pointless Post Palace, though she occasionally posted in the Arts Board and General Chat. She was the winner of the 52nd Drawing Competition.



AppleQueso's old MFGG persona

AppleQueso's character was originally a stylized drawing of herself, but it was changed to "A Giant Ninja Octopus With A Five-O-Clock Shadow And A Deep Voice Holding Eight Machine Guns In One Tentacle That Instead Of Firing Out Bullets, Fires Out People Holding Swords That Are On Fire," or simply Giant Ninja Octopus, a character that AQ posted about in her first "official" topic. (Her real first topic was in the Fangame Discussion, and it was about a Megaman project that never got off the ground.)

The Ninja Octopus would occasionally have been brought up in other topics, but received little to no attention. AppleQueso, having gotten tired of having to explain the character every time she wanted to see it drawn, decided to make it her avatar and reference. Replacing the depiction of herself. She is no longer on the forums as she left in May 2008


AppleQueso spent most of her time in the PPP, where she would be found rapidly creating topics with little to no value. Other than that though, she would have been found posting drawings in the Arts Board, participating in Request Topics, or just generally browsing the General Chat. She left MFGG in May 2008, but you can still find her on Goshi-Dan's Arcade.


Most members regarded AppleQueso in a positive light, having mentioned that she was above most new posters. Her drawings usually got positive feedback, and she was never warned. She has had topics locked before though, but it's usually caused by derailing rather than controversial subject matter.

Interesting Facts

  • AppleQueso got her name while signing up for Hotmail. Her other choices: "Radioactive Apple" and "Senor Queso" were taken, so she combined them into one word.
  • AppleQueso doesn't have a computer at her home. Instead, she uses the computer of her real life girlfreind, Kompeitou
  • AppleQueso had nearly 40 active original characters of her own and is very proud of that.
  • AppleQueso had always dreamed of starting a fad, but it has yet to happen.
  • AppleQueso said that she only uses SoVeryHappy if her emotions call for it.
  • She's a lesbian
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