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Transformer Guy

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Aliases: TransfoGuy, SluggyUnmerciful, Transfog Necross, It, WeezingTripletQ, WeezingTripletQ2, Transpectre Guy, TransfoGoo, ???, ¿¿¿, TransfoGalvatron, TransfoGalvatro, ☞, ☞☞, Modified Fokker C-2 Airplane (Question Mark variant), Fokker C-2 Airplane (? variant), ؟ ؟, Brawlin' Brumak, Qdybhwi
Interests: ???
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Transformer Guy is an MFGGer who joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy and the MFGG Forums on June 25th, 2006. He dwells mostly in the Pointless Post Palace and goes by many names. He also created Codename: questionmark.

The Character

18Jan35: Thirteen were found dead and mutilated in a home in Los Angeles, California; the house was owned by a "John Ode" (an anagram for John Doe?), and the identities of the victims were unknown. Unknown animal tracks were discovered inside the house, leading outside. It was ruled out as a freak accident.

24Jan35: A hotel was found completely destroyed in Los Angeles, California. The remains of its occupants were strewn about in a two hundred foot radius of the hotel. More tracks were found, along with graffiti adorning an intact wall nearby, reading "0, 128, 128: Mr. Lecter sends his regards."

8Feb35: A horribly mutilated body was found dangling from the house of a government agent named Mark Kudler, who was reported missing on January 2nd, 2035. It turns out that Mark Kudler was working on a top secret project, dubbed "Silence Of The Lambs", tracking down a monster that the government believed was hiding in Los Angeles, California (designated "Mr. Lecter", due to the unsolved "murders" occurring in the area and their tendency to be missing body parts, which were presumably devoured). It is still unknown what "0, 128, 128" is referring to, only that it essentially translates to the color Teal. More study is needed.

16Feb35: More tracks were found, leading to a house owned by a single man named Hal Tiydual. The door was open, and investigation revealed that tiny pieces of him were stitched to his own sheets. A crumpled note was found on the same sheets, wrapped around a knife. The note reads, "Figure out the first clue yet? Good. Another's on the knife handle. Look closely.".

17Feb35: The "clue" was discovered; it was a dead insect of unknown genus, resembling a mosquito louse hybrid. It is still unknown why Hal Tiydual was killed.

4Apr35: Another home was found with tracks (also owned by "John Ode"); the victim this time was a rotting corpse in the house's bathroom, adorned with pig hides. The man's identity remains unknown. Another note was found, this time written in blood on the back of the house, was found. It read, "Check his stomach.".

5Apr35: The "pig victim"'s stomach was checked; it was lined with a virus of unknown origin. The building was quarantined after three were infected with the virus. It was discovered that the virus was flesh eating, taking only seconds to render its host a skeleton.

9Apr35: A warehouse full of teal colored balloons was discovered. The balloons were filled with the same virus as the "pig victim" was.

11Apr35: The "pig victim", when his DNA was tested, turned out to be a plumber under the name of Frank Jockle, who was hired by the government to stalk John Ode.


Miscellaneous Facts