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A drawing of Ryo by FuPoo.
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Aliases: Majora's Mask, Skull Kid, LinkRyan, Sonata, Sonater, Megaman, ryan the videogamelord
Interests: Shitting in my own diaper
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Not much is known about the enigmatic Ryo aside from his constant over-criticism of Mario Fan Games Galaxy's sense of humor and tastes.

Forum Personality

As states above, Ryo is known for his satirical take on several of the internet's many fads. He can be seen mocking that specific type of fad whenever he gains the chance.

In his early days, he donned a rather low quality avatar reflecting his primitive character version. He would abuse the upload system like crazy; leading to the ultimate deletion of the Pointless Post Palace upload system altogether.

He is a bit shy when it comes to AIM; he much preferred people starting conversation for him. Because of this, Ryo had few MFGG friends of noteworthiness back then.

However, in 2004 Ryo was "introduced" to the likes of Hanyou, Draco Icebane, Salad, and so on. They started their own Ragnarok adventurez as the Awesome Police and had a jolly old time killing stuff.

Today he makes several "ironic posts" under the name "ryan the videogamelord".